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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Camp Sights USA? A: Camp Sights USA started as a small business to provide detailed information to campers about specific sites within campgrounds. It aims to do with a few pictures and pop-up windows the same experience one would have simply stepping into a campsite and looking around for a few seconds.

Q: How do I use to find my ideal campsite? A: •Click on the campground that interests you. •Click on the small map in the upper right corner. •Once the large map loads, click on the campsite number or other icons on the map. •A 360-degree panorama will open if one is available. From there, simply scroll left, right, up, or down to see the entire view of the campsite. •There are usually two icons on the picnic table: one shows a brief slideshow of the campsite from different angles and views, and the other pops up a little information screen. •If parking is located next to the campsite, there will be an arrow to take you out to the parking spot, where you can also see more photos and information. •To return to the large map, click on the small map in the upper right corner. •Click on “Campground Information” for more general information about the campground, “Reservations” to be taken to the website for making reservations, or the Camp Sights USA logo to return back to Camp Sights USA.

Q: Is any of the information provided by Camp Sights USA officially provided by the campgrounds? A: No. Camp Sights USA makes all measurements independent of the campground host/park. No numbers should be taken as official. Information provided is best effort and frequently subjective.

Q: Is Camp Sights USA affiliated with any parks or campgrounds? A: Camp Sights USA is an independent business and is not affiliated with any campgrounds or parks. The information provided on is derived solely from Camp Sight USA and does not represent any official information from the campground host. Camp Sight USA does occasionally share the final photos from campground shoots with parks hosts in exchange for a fee waiver for permit applications.

Q: I arrived at my campsite based on information from Camp Sights USA, but it looks nothing like the pictures? What happened, and what kind of guarantees does Camp Sights USA provide? A:While we strive to provide the most accurate information available for each campsite, mistakes will occasionally happen. In addition, campgrounds undergo constant changes, and campsites will be moved around or otherwise altered. It is always best to consult the campground website for the latest information. Camp Sights USA does not many any guarantees as to the accuracy of the information on this site. If a user encounters information that is very different from what is posted, please contact us at

Q: How accurate is the information provided? A: The information provided is “best effort,” meaning we use our judgement to determine campsite boundaries, campsite dimensions are, distances to amenities. Information on other items such as exposure and ground hardness are subjective and likely to change with seasons (sun angle, leaf cover, wet or dry ground, etc.)

Q: How does Camp Sights USA determine measurements like campsite dimensions and distances to water, restrooms, etc. A:We use a golf range finder to make distance measurements, which is also why our measurements are given in yards.

Q: What do the distances signify? A: We provide distances to nearby amenities like water and restrooms when possible. These are direct line-of-sight measurements made with a golf range finder from somewhere within the campsite. Actual walking distances will likely depart from the line-of-sight distance. Some measurements are made using mapping software when the line of sight is not visible from the campsite. All measurements are best estimates, and no guarantees are made as their accuracy.

Q: What do comments like “moderate,” “hard,” “partial,” etc.? A: These terms are somewhat subjective, and we provide our guidance as follows: •Slope: Flat (self-explanatory); lumpy (flat, but with some bumps across the scale of a typical four-person tent); Mild (some visual slope that may or may not be noticed lying down in a tent); Moderate (visual slope that will likely be felt lying down in a tent); steep (incline is likely to be felt inside tent with uncomfortable sleep also likely). •Exposure: Exposed (no coverage from sun); partial (campsite will experience sun and shade throughout the day); mixed (some areas are always shady and some either sunny or partial); shade/shady (very little direct sunlight impinges on the site throughout the day). •Hardness: Hammer (bring a hammer); soft (can probably push stakes with heel); rocky (ground is likely to have rocks in the soil, making it difficult to push stakes in). This category will likely be eliminated in the future. Always bring a hammer.

Q: Why does Camp Sights USA provide cell signal strength for only T-Mobile? A: Camp Sights USA now includes both T-Mobile and Verizon when available. Initial tours containted only T-Mobile because we just happened to have a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on the T-Mobile network when we started the business. Verizon coverage is obtained with a Galaxy S23 FE.

Q: Why is there a stuffed racoon in some of the panorama pictures? A: Our mascot, Robbin Racoon, indicates north in the panorama photos of the campsites. Scrolling down in the panorama reveals a compass with Robbin at the center. The directions should only be used as a rough guide.

Q: Why do some campsites have no information? A: We take pictures of only empty campsites. If a site is occupied, we will forgo taking information and may come back at a later date to complete the campground information, if possible.

Q: What equipment does Camp Sights USA use to take pictures and measurements? Is Camp Sights USA compensated by the manufacturers or vendors of this equipment? A: •Ricoh Theta X on a Best360 monopod for the panorama photos. •Nikon Z7 II with a Nikkor Z 25 – 120 mm F/4S lens for still photos. •Nikon Coolshot 20iGII range finder for distances for distance measurements •Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on the T-Mobile network for cell-signal strength Camp Sights USA is not compensated by any equipment manufacturers or vendors for use of their equipment.

Q: What software does Camp Sights USA use to generate the tours? Is Camp Sights USA compensated by the software manufacturers? A: •Tours are developed using 3D Vista Virtual Tour •Images are processed using Nikon NX Studio and Affinity Photo 2 •Maps are made using LandID Camp Sights USA is not compensated by any software manufacturer for the use of their products.

Q: Does Camp Sights USA post photographs of people and vehicles? A: We take pictures only of empty campsites. On occasion, people may appear in the background. We remove them from the photos in post processing prior to including in the tours. We also remove any readable information from license plates that might also appear in images. We may occasionally not notice someone in the background and not remove them or the license plate information. If you see someone or information that should not be published, please contact us at with the details so we can make the appropriate corrections.

Q: Does Camp Sights USA need permission to gather campground information? A: Some parks require permits to be issued prior to photographing for commercial purposes. Each park has its own unique policy with which Camp Sights USA complies.

Q: When does Camp Sights USA gather campground information? A: As can be seen in many of the tours, the campgrounds frequently look empty. This is because we do most of our shooting during the offseason when the campgrounds are either closed or little used. This explains why some campsites appear to be in need of repair, which will surely happen prior to the start of camping season.

Q: Why aren’t there more campgrounds on the site? A: Camp Sights USA is a small new business that is just developing its content. Each 3D tour is a major effort that takes to gather, shoot, and process. We will slowly expand as time permits.

Q: Why are all the campgrounds mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area? A: Camp Sights USA is located in the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area, making it easiest to start gathering information there first. We try to take advantage of any unrelated travel when possible and will eventually expand as opportunities permit.

Q: How can I request a campground be mapped out? A: While we would love to be able to include your favorite campground, our current resources do not allow us to respond to specific campground requests. However, we are open to hearing from users which campgrounds would be most valuable to them, so we can plan future efforts.

Q: How can I contribute to information to enable greater content for others to see? A: Please contact us at Right now, we are not set up to absorb many contributors, but we are examining a Wiki-like capability to allow users to upload content.

Q: How can I contribute to information to enable greater content for others to see? A: Please contact us at Right now, we are not set up to absorb many contributors, but we are examining a Wiki-like capability to allow users to upload content.

Q: How is the information on Camp Sights USA different than what is provided on the campground websites? A: We try to provide in-depth detail of individual campsites akin to walking around there yourself so you can plan your camping experience in accordance with your goals. Some campgrounds do provide a reasonable amount of information while others provide very little. We are trying to build a common database across all camp sites in the USA, but that is another FAQ!

Q: How does Camp Sights USA intend to cover the whole USA? A: We are currently exploring some concepts and will expand on them when they become viable.

Q: Why is Camp Sights USA providing this content? A: It’s fun.

Q: How does Camp Sights USA make money? Camp Sight USA generates revenue with advertising and does not charge for access to the provided information. Camp Sights USA is hosted on the platform and uses Google AdSense to provide advertising. Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your information is gathered and used by Camp Sights USA, Wix, and Goole and their partners.

Q: What is Camp Sights USA’s privacy policy A: Please see the link at the bottom of the page.

Q: What kind of campgrounds does Camp Sights USA cover? Why doesn’t Camp Sights USA cover RV and backcountry campgrounds? A: Camp Sights USA primarily covers car-camping locations. While we would like to include RV and backcountry campgrounds, they would expand the scope of our business beyond its current capabilities.

Q: Who is Camp Sights USA’s mascot and where did Camp Sights USA get him? A: Robbin Racoon, drawn by Gabriella Napodano. He’s called Robbin because as every camper knows, that’s what racoons do while we’re sleeping!

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